Kaitlin Walker seemed destined from very early childhood to find her fame and fortune in the music her dad loved. He was Johnnie Walker of Bloomington, Indiana who took his daughter to work with him –often propping little Kaitlin at parties on Saturday nights near his big karaoke machine with the huge laser discs and colorful flashing lights and dueting with her on their favorite song– George Jones’ “I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair.”

Today, at 21, and on the verge of becoming a household name in country music, Kaitlin Walker’s beautiful green eyes soften at the memory of the father she loved and lost much too early in her young life—the man whose love of country music she is determined to honor with her success.
Kaitlin’s road to Nashville was paved with performances in her teen years in and around Florida and at the age of 16, a major break came for her to be the opening act at Joyland for then rising young superstar, Jason Aldean. “It was my first star struck moment,” she recalls. “Doing that show made me realize ‘I want to do this for the rest of my life.’”

In true ‘Hollywood comes to Nashville’ style, Kaitlin was ‘discovered’ carrying a plate of hot wings! She recalls. “Actually, my producer was a regular at the restaurant where I was working and some of the other wait staff told him I was a singer. Gradually over time as he came in, we struck up a conversation about the music business and me being a singer. One day he said, ‘Let me take you down to Tootsies and have you sit in on a set—I’d like to hear what you can do in front of a live band.’ I said, ‘my shift ends at 5:00 –I’m there!’ The story has a true Hollywood ending. “I knocked him out singing with the band and was immediately signed to a record deal! A short time later, we were in the studio working on some demo tracks when Herb Graham came in and heard me singing. He immediately signed me to a management deal for artist development..”

“Lyrics are definitely my stronger suit—although I can do both melody and lyrics. I play enough guitar to write my music—I’m no Van Halen who can shred it—but I accompany myself and get the job done.”

Aside from country music, Kaitlin Walker has one great passion: Colts football in general. “One of the perks of stardom to me would be getting to sing the national anthem at a Colts game!”
With recording underway and a radio tour and full-on touring on the drawing board, Kaitlin Walker is on a definite course to superstardom. It’s a journey she wishes father were here to see.